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Originally Posted by Sniper View Post
Dude there are more than just EK water blocks available! Besides you can use your own standoffs even with the EK's to right. DD or XSPC doesn't have any problems. Don't disregard a product because it has a fixable hickup just go with the flow.
Sniper.. I think you are misunderstanding me really. And besides I never dissed out EK, they have always made proper water blocks and will always will. Oh and besides XSPC do use standoffs, but they are multiple people on Xtremesystems forums that confirm the standoffs are too tiny hence it doesn't help, at the moment only DD have a proper block...

Oh and before you go our barking on people.. I think you should read what I wrote again..
First thing, I never pointed out was EK having issues I mentioned almost all blocks.. And secondly I said I'll just end up buying a core only gpu block, at least it might work for a future card..
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