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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
I played the demo, I quite liked the SW Lego games and am a huge Batman fan. My comments on the demo would be the music is quite good actually, it is taken straight from the original (Tim Burton) Batman movie score by Danny Elfman.

I really liked the suits Batman and Robin can jump into. Being able to play the game as the villains and unlocking characters for freeplay adds a lot of replay value just like the other Lego games do. There's lots of destructibles and co-op puzzles for Batman & Robin. And lots of switches and areas that can only be accessed by certain characters so there's incentive to play though again and again.

The graphics are excellent. Lots of cool moody lighting, steam etc... and it runs very well on mid-range hardware. All in all nothing really new here but the game does a very good job within the Lego franchise of games imo.

BTW how does your rating system work? It doesn't make sense to me as you have all but one score out of 10. And you should post your own screenshots so we can see the gameplay. ;) Cheers.
I agreed with everything you said, even about the music now that I went deeper into the game. And Yes, That was a mistake I got to edit the soundtrack part. Thanks for the heads up. Check out my site.. Do you guys like it?
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