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This is what I put together off NCIX, I'm sure you could get the price down with a quick pricematch.

Intel E5200 2.5 GHZ -$118.21
Asus P5N-D Board - $170.85
Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400 2X1GB - $54.91 - $41.91 after MIR
LG GH22NS30 Black SATA Burner - $36.57
Corsair VX550W power supply - $111.73 - $91.73 after MIR

Total of $492.97.

If you have the funds available I would bump the ram up to 4GB like the G-Skill 4GB PC2-8000 kit for $89.32.

I assume you don't need a viedocard since you have a 9600GT.

Man, have prices ever gone up lately!
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