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anyway since my HDMI cable reached i was able to use an abosultely over kill case for it.

I ended up using the Temjin TJ05 Case and works like a realy charm. Pics of the build below.

Parts Goodness

Mmmm ATSC/NTSC Tuner, drools :)

Awesome Mobo, I Think

I don't care that it's only pc-6400 it's anodized red aluminum how could i resist

best bang for your buck Can't beat 2.7Ghz for under $80 :)

Passively Cooled 3450, Silence is Golden

An Oldie but a Goodie

Can anyone say, overkill :)

OMG Naked Mobo

Yaay, AMD

Anyway that's all the pics i took or the build would have taken me hours stopping to take pictures every 4 minutes. Besides i didn't want to risk my SLR getting knocked off the table.

Anyway here are some issues i ran into.

Firstly MS are really stupid. I installed vista for the media centre as i have used in the past and had great experince with it. but what's this MS doesn't support OTA HD tv in canada only the US. Figures. Let's try media portal, nope no support here either. Stupid Gits. Ok let's try Sage TV, well wouldn't you know it. It works.

So Sage TV for the Win.

As far as quality goes this tuner is really well suited works well if the pittance of stations i can get in ottawa. It also helps that i have a 1080p projector.

Some other caveats.

1. Diamond HD3450 card does NOT come with a DVI->HDMI convertor.
2. Audio is only 2 channel unless it has a digitally encoded ac3 or dts bit-stream
3. Not all remote buttons on the ATI remote work in Sage TV

While the audio thing isn't a big deal as i am just using it to play OTA TV and record said TV. However i now need a HDMI switch box as i have to many HDMI devices and not enough HDMI ports on my reciever :(.

Now you say what about those 5.1 mkv files. While it's true for some bizzare reason with teh htpc it only outputs 2.1 audio i don't use my HTPC for this i use something much better suited for this.

It's called a Popcorn Hour. And if you don't have one you need to buy one right away. The new versions are out and support SATA drives :). Not to mention they play just about every container under the sun except for maybe OGM/OGG. And yes does a straight pass through of the bit stream.

go to: Welcome To Popcorn Hour and being drooling :)

If you like i can post pics of it in action (the HTPC i mean)
and now for something completely different

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