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Oh and for Overclocking (if you ever will) then Mushkin RAMs are often clocked higher than the Corsairs.. Try getting an MIR back from Corsair.. yeah right!!

The reason the 620w power supple is being suggested here is your build is good enough for a quality 600w psu, and the second reason that Charlie mentioned was that it is a modular power supply, cable management will hek a lot easier, I'll give you a heads up the other psu has a bundle of wires that come with it, and it is going to be hard to hide them..

OCZ Vendetta 2 (+2 here), they are other fans available if you don't wanna spend $20 on a fan, Noctua fans are quite silent and can push a descent amount of air, only reason it is suggested the most, you can get a Scythe or something similar, Yate Loon, it will push air, and if you don't mind the noise go for another one, it will be hek a lot cheaper really.

And as Zeroman said, 4850 is worth every dollar, it is the best bang for the buck card, and performance is pretty good.
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