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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
GPU: fine.
Board: fine
Ram: Mushkin Redlines 2x2Gb PC2-8000
CPU: E8400
PSU: Corsair HX620W. Being modular, you'll thank me.
HDD: WD 640Gb, as mentionned before.
HSF: OCZ Vendetta II.
Nothing more to say, but I am leaning towards the Quad on this build, especially with the inclusion of photoshop really.. But the E8400 is really a nice processor no doubt..

Case: CM690 or the CM590 (a lil more deep). I would suggest you to stay with the Cooler Master over the Antec 900 (cable management can be a nightmare)..
Intel E8400, Biostar TPower i45
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