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Originally Posted by Nurn View Post
Wow, just finished reading about your ordeal.

Curious - how did you determine that your two videocards weren't working properly in crossfire. ATI's Catalyst Control Centre doesn't show my two 3870's, but they do show up in Device Manager. Also, I know that my crossfire is working because my benchmarks increase when I enable crossfire (even though CCC doesn't list my two cards).
Only one would show up in device manager. What made me check in the first place was when I first turned it on (after the first RMA) I got an immediate error message stating there were no drivers for the video card and windows disabled it..... then it was down hill from there. ...Man usually getting a new rig shipped would be cause for celebration, but after all this I'm more scared than excited. ... both time before I booked a day off work to set it up, install stuff, and play around, and both times I just ended up on the phone with NCIX tech until they told me to pack it up and send it back.
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