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I have a few af7's and on one of them i tried it with the supplied tim but quickly changed it to as5. I don't recall the temp diff but it was significant ... i was in the process of oc'ing either a 6320 or a x3210 ... can't remember which.

During testing/oc'ing i find that using orthos i am stable till ~ 70C and for stable 724 folding i like to see them no higher than low 60's or erros will happen.

If you have an average 6420, you should be able to run stable at ~ 400 fsb without much voltage bumping with your af7. I have a 6320 folding 724 on a ds3 at 450 fsb.
You may want to add some extra air cooling to the NB once you get the fsb into that range. SB can also get warm dpending on your case. I run all mine caseless.

I use coretemp 0.95 to monitor them in wxp and lm-sensors in linux (it only works on ubuntu 7.04 with the ds3's for me ... haven't tried other distros). Caretemp (and TAT i think) gives you individual core temps ... others i have tried only give a single cpu temp.

on asus mobo's i also run asus probe. I don't find the gigabyte tool very convenient. speedfan may work and seems to be consistent with the linux lm-sersors tool, but both of these consistently give lower quad core temps that coretemp does in windows - just a colibration issue I think, although i don't really trust most speedfan readings.

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