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the 3.3 also has a newer audio chip and marvel gigabit chip.

The power circuitry was also upgraded on the 3.3's (and maybe on the 2.0's?) for the quads.

I have several of the 3.3's and a rev 1. I am running a 6320 and several x3210's on them. The rev 1 has a 6600 on it. The 6320 is folding at 450 fsb on it so it is a pretty good oc'er, and a good price. The quads don't oc as well as the dc's but i am pretty happy with the x3210's on them.

The only downsides to it that i have run into are that it will not post with my crucial 800 memory, and the new marvel chip is a problem running under linux.
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