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Default FS: A.C. Ryan AluBoxDuo Network-Attached Storage Enclosure (SATA)


Combine 2 harddisks!**
Create 1 big harddisk with 2 harddisks**
Break the Terra barrier affordably and easily**
Use as 2 harddisk or aggregated as 1**
Mount them as Mirror, Stripe / RAID 0, 1**
Up to 8 harddisk can be aggregated / mirrored / striped

Connect to PC via USB2.0
USB2.0 480mbps / compatible with USB1.1
The simplest and fastest way to get more harddisk onto your PC / notebook

Connect to directly to network via LAN 10/100
LAN 10/100mbps
Direct connection to LAN as network LANdisk
Direct access to your data anytime from any computer within your network
100% secure using NDAS technology without using IP addresses
Only user granted access can see the harddisk

For all 3.5" SATA/SATA2 harddisk
Use SATA/SATA2 harddisk
Supports all 3.5" harddisk up to 10000RPM
Supports all 3.5" harddisk up to 2TB (2048GB)
** NOTE : Retail Boxes & Catalogs nay still state 1024GB, but every AluBox, AluBoxDuo, AluBoxTFX, AluBoxValue already support up to 2TB (2048GB)

True HotSwap Plug-n-Play
Simply Plug n Play even while your system is on
Front BlueLED light indicates HDD activity

1.8mm solid aluminum
Keeps harddisk cool
Ultra lightweight solid construction
Shock resistance up to 90cm freefall
High quality mirror polish

Built-in fan
Keeps both harddisks cool

Horizontal Stackable or Vertical
Designed for horizontal or vertical placement
Multiple box can be stacked on each other
XtremeComputing - #1 For Hardware News And Reviews

VR-Zone : Technology Beats - A.C.Ryan AluBoxDuo LAN NDAS - AluBoxDuo LAN, Reviews 'n news for the beast within us!

As you can see, it's a jack of all trades...and best of all, it's BRAND NEW IN BOX. I have taken it out, but not used it or take the plastic off.

*Note: It includes BOTH the North American two prong power plug AND the European plug (3 flat prongs), so its GTG anywhere in the world.

Asking price: $70

Shipping: I'm going to keep this local, unless you really want it shipped to your door. If so, PM me.

Payment: Paypal cash, CC/Debit paypal, pay surcharge

Thanks, Brendan

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