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Hey, go with the gui version if you want.

I used it for the first few weeks i started folding on my main rig then got annoyed with it. But on a dedicated folding rig you should be fine.

On your gpu .. sorry but the entry level gpu is x1650 I believe, but even they are not worth folding on since it also takes cpu. x1900 and up are really the only viable gpu folders.
If you want to save some power and heat, just swap out your x800 for a cheap pci video card ( used for <$10, new for ~$20) ... thats how all my dedicated folding rigs run now.

Or, there is an agp version of the x1950 pro which will probably produce more points than your cpu - around 600 ppd dedicated 724. And from what I have read, with your HT p4, you could still run the standard client. You can get them for ~ $200 I think these days. Nvidia's aren't supported at all.

I was going to run some of my older rigs this way, but have instead gone dual core or quad so I don't gpu fold anymore and run smp folding clients instead.

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