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Default Microsoft Celebrates Anti-Piracy Day - Apparently Ontario is located in Nunavut

Wow....So I am reading several stories on Microsoft little "Don't be a Pirate Day" highlighting locations around the world that have done their part either good or bad in the fight against Piracy. Several mentions go out to educational facilities that have helped Microsoft curb Piracy, unfortunately those educational facilities couldn't point out to big bad Microsoft that Ontario is not located in Nunavut. So I thought maybe they should have used google maps or hell even a Globe or WTF a basic map of the US will show Ontario is right there above Michigan.....anyway I thought this points to some really pathetic ignorance on Microsofts part. This interactive map is being displayed around the world and thought this might piss some other members off. I actually live in Northern Canada and to me putting Ontario in Nunavut is like putting New York in Nevada...

Here is the Map link

Global Anti-Piracy Day Interactive Map

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