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I would start it out on a single core no-nonsense text version 5.04 client.
In general it is best in the long run to avoid the gui versions of the clients so there is one less thing to have issues with. The open g/l conflicts it can have are not such a big issue on a dedicated folding rig since you aren't likely to be running conflicting apps there. The screensaver option with the gui is not necesary since the client will not take over the machine when you need to use it.

It can be run from the desktop or as a service as per faq.

If you have no issues with network bandwidth then confiure it for big packets and run with advmethods. That will get best production for a single core.

To configure/run the client, just run the exe you download. Make sure it is in its own directory. Supergrover's FAQ is a good reference.

I am not one for recommending other setups that may produce better points production but hinder the science. Your HT p4 has another folding option or 2 but they will slow down the completion of results which is not good for the science.

If you have any questions, post away or pm me.

and welcome to the team
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