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Originally Posted by arekieh View Post
Overall though, what do u guys think, for my current situation should i just stick to aircooling or go WC?
do you need water cooling?... No you don't. But if you want that 4.2GHz then yeah it would help. Of course you could get a large kick ass cooler for the NB and stick a good fan on it and be probably just as far ahead. But that's the question isn't it. WC get's the heat from all these parts to a single location that is much more efficient to get rid of the heat without having many screaming fans.

It's certainly not a waste getting water cooling as there is the added benefit of the thermal deltas being smaller which could (in theory) extend the life of the components. It sounds like you want to get WCing, so why don't you? As you've seen the gain is small but measurable and you have the potential to get as good or better cooling more quietly, but with additional cost and complexity. That's a decision YOU need to make.
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