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Like MpG said, water cooling is low risk if done right. On a standard system there really is no advantage over aircooling except for the coolness factor. On high over clocks is where it starts to strut it's stuff. You can move a lot of heat to the rads which are much more efficient at transferring heat to the ambient air while still only using 2 or three quiet 120mm fans. The CPU is the one you want to keep the coolest since it responds well with better OCs, the GPU not so much but cooler is still nicer. You still need some airflow through the case but it's much less critical especially if you can get the NB under water then you're only tring to keep the various chips cool enough so they don't self destruct. Of course ther are exceptions like if you have smokin HOT RAM.

From an investment stand point it's actually a good deal especially if you stay away from specialty stuff like full coverage gpu blocks and using something like a maze5 + RAMsinks instead. Most if not all of the parts can be carried over upgrade after upgrade.
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