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Default Is WaterCooling for me?

Hi guys,
Been thinking about it for a while. I currently have a TRUE 120, and I have a Xigmatek Battleaxe that will be here in a couple days. However, i have been thinking about going water, but entering slowly, waiting for sales and getting parts nice and cheap. Overall i dont want to spend more than $200, BUT, im not sure if its even worth it. I am interested in knowing how high maintenance watercooling really is. Also, how much cooler will a $200 configuration be compaired to my current air setup, and how loud will it be. Right now the only fans i have in my computer are all antec tri cools on low, including a tri cool on the true, they all run at 20dba, and the battleaxe is rated at 20dba at the lowest speed. For watercooling are the only fans the ones on the radiator?? Also, will a decent sized radiator fit in my case (p182) or will it have to be rear mounted(dont like).
P.S. Im hopeing $200 for both my gpu and cpu being cooled.
Thanks alot guys
P.S.2. Sorry for the uber long list of questions, but here comes another question. With $200 what would you guys suggest for parts for a GPU/CPU config, also, do u think its smart to do gpu and cpu? or should i go just cpu but for less $$
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