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Thanks for all of this so far, you guys are a great help.

Ok, SO I reapplied the thermal paste (arcticsilver 5) and it now idles at 39 with distance from tjmax at around 58. All seems well when it idles.

I ran IBT and I could not run a 1/2 stress test more than once without crashing. I tried orthos first and it said fatal error and wouldn't finish the test. I then tried to run a full stress test with IBT and I got a blue screen that told me about a fatal error and dumpoing the physical memory.

This is all with the default settings (no overclocking)

It might be worth mentioning at this point that I am running Win XP pro 64-bit (I want to realize all 4 gigs of ram and I don't like vista).

Anyway... how bad is this? I'm not really a power user, I play the occasional RTS and run MATLAB sometimes. I just like to know that everything is ok especially since I put this rig together and I want to know if all the CPU fine.

Finally, is all this stress testing hurting my processor if it is infact overheating?

Should I be contacting NCIX (where I bought it) about it?

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