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Default First Course: 2x1GB Memory Clocking

The first sacrifice to the memory clocking gods on this 790i FTW Digital motherboard is going to be my trusty kit of Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC3-16000. These modules are monsters in every motherboard they touch and were good enough to crack 1100MHz dual 32M at 8-7-6 and over 15K read bandwidth in Everest on my EVGA 790i Ultra. Needless to say, I fully expect similar clocks with this motherboard being pretty much the same chipset. As always, a breakdown and photo of the setup during testing:
  • CPU: Intel C2D E8400 (L808A476)
  • CPU Cooling: Thermalright Ultra-120
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC3-16000 CL9
  • NB Cooling: Stock
  • SB Cooling: Stock
  • PWM Cooling: Stock
  • GPU: HIS HD3870X2
  • PSU: Thermaltake Pure Power 750W
  • HD: Seagate SATAII 80GB 8MB NCQ
  • OS: Windows XP Pro x64 SP2 (fully updated)

The setup as tested...
click for full size...

Keep in mind, these results at this point are simply the results obtained on stock cooling with no volt mods to the board or additional cooling. Initial FSB clocking indicates that the memory clocks might suffer do to a lack of SPP voltage. Here now is the abbreviated dual 32M OC Report...

If there were any questions as to whether or not the 790i SLI and 790i Ultra chipsets were the same in memory clocking, you can put those to rest. This kit basically repeated everything it did on the 790i an extent. Along the way, the Ballistix clocked exactly like they did on the 790i Ultra counterpart, but at the top end of the spectrum the 790i SLI chipset has let this memory down. Basically, I ran out of vSPP as that is what is needed for higher memory clocks. I am quite confident that once I do the vSPP mod and put water cooling on the chipset, this kit will clock every bit as good as my 790i Ultra board after it too got the mods. Those results should be posted in this section in the near future. Here are the screenshots so you can see voltages and other settings involved in the clocks.

NVIDIA 790i:
Click link for full size screenshot...
6-6-5-X 1T: 775MHz :: 1.90v | 810MHz :: 2.00v | 840MHz :: 2.10v

7-6-5-X 1T: 900MHz :: 1.90v | 940MHz :: 2.00v | 980MHz :: 2.10v

8-7-6-X 1T: 1000MHz :: 1.90v | 1040MHz :: 1.95v
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