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Default Warning Flux Fumes: Voltage Mods & Read Points

There is nothing to decipher here, this section is strictly for voltage mods and read points. With a lot of similarities between the lower half of the board on this FTW Digital PWM edition to that of the 790i Ultra, a couple items on the menu will be identical. I'll start with read points I have found first then show the volt mods as they are discovered.

click for full size...

The vCORE read point is the most accurate place to read from on the board and easy to get to. The vDIMM read point is the best I can find but reads the slightest bit less than polling directly from an empty DIMM slot. For all intents and purposes, it is the same if you’re using a two decimal DMM. The SPP voltage read point is the same as the 790i Ultra and reads exactly what the capacitors and choke do on the underside, just a bit easier to get at. If you were going to solder a lead, you could also from those through hole components measured from the underside of the motherboard. The vMCP was provided by EVGA and seems to read basically what is set in the BIOS so we'll go with it. Don't hesitate to provide your own read points that I can add to this section. Let's move on to the volt mods for this board.

vSPP volt mod
First up is the SPP volt mod for the northbridge. The BIOS limit is the amount of vSPP selectable and with additional cooling, a vSPP mod might bring some better benching FSB. I wouldn't recommend running 24/7 with higher vSPP than selectable in the BIOS.

click for full size...

This is a carryover from the 790i Ultra board and is fairly straight forward. The second photo showing the close-up has one lead circled in red, this is where you have to solder to, the other lead is simply ground. You can solder to the circled lead and then to any ground you choose if you want, you don't have to use the ground pin (#3) on the IC that I have. I have used a 20K ohm VR which seems to be perfect providing very little extra voltage when turned all the way down and gives good control at the party end.

vCORE volt mod
Most people won't need a vCORE mod since this board provides up to 2.0v and actually puts out 2.0v. The problem for me is I have a dog E8600 and it seems to run worse on this board at full boar under LN2 than the RE so I need even more vCORE. In addition to this, a vCORE mod will allow me to boot with high vCORE then tune it down when on air. High FSB requires high vCORE to boot. With the 790i Ultra one could do this with software using the NVIDIA control panel but with the 790i FTWD, this option doesn't work.

This is also a bit of a different mod as it requires two solder points on the motherboard to be combined then fed to the VR. Thanks go to Peter (Shamino) for providing the vCORE mod information. Here she be ladies...

click for full size...

It isn't too tough of a mod but you are going to have to solder to some 0402 package resistors so a soft touch will be needed. These two solder points then get combined and connected to the VR like you normally would. The first photo shows the solder points on the board, the second photo depicts the whole area, and the last photo is a close up of my VR/jumper/read point fan header. I have been asked in the past how I set my mods up so I figured I would label the detailed photo to show exactly how it works. By removing the jumper, I am breaking the loop to ground and it is the equivalent to removing the mod.

A 10K ohm VR is perfect for this guy as at 10K ohm it bumps voltage maybe 0.04~0.05v. A 5K O VR might be a bit nicer for very fine control and I will likely jump over to that for benching. Your starting voltage will simply be higher.

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