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Thumbs up MB OC Report :: EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW Digital PWM

It looks like it is that time of the month again for me. It is time to infiltrate your boring daily life with a little bit of my bad humor and pathetic commentary. For those viewing their first MB OC Report, you won't be finding just a few screenshots and claims that this is the best motherboard out there. You also won't be finding a full out review packed with a bunch of benchmarks that tell you jack shyt about the boards real overclocking potential. Instead, what you will find is exactly what the title states it is...a motherboard overclocking report. There won't be just screenshots showing results, I will be providing as much information about how I got there in the screenshots as possible, the progression from air through to sub-zero cooling, and hopefully some exciting stuff as well. The goal is to provide not just results but also useful information minus any review fluff. For this MB OC Report, we will be riding the "digital" waves and take a look at EVGA's latest 790i motherboard, their in-house designed EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW Digital PWM...and no, they couldn't have added any more acronyms to the name. The federal trade commission voted against it ;)

EVGA is a top tier NVIDIA partner and as such, offers a full line of NVIDIA GPU solutions in addition to NVIDIA motherboards. Based in California, EVGA has a strong influence on the North American market and is synonymous with enthusiasts not only for performance, but customer service as well. EVGA constantly looks to improve customer service with a heavy presence in its own community forums and programs such as their Step-Up Program that offers customers a buy-back option of their hardware to step up to newer models within a 90 day time period. Alright, so that is the only bit of review fluff...I promise. I will also mention that my sample was supplied by EVGA but is a random retail sample so results posted here should be about the average of what this motherboard is capable of.

Below you can find a table of contents that will give you quick access to any of the sections of the MB OC Report for the EVGA nForce 790i FTW Digital PWM. Or you can not be one of those guys that just skips all the hard work and goes straight to the good stuff and use your scroll wheel.

  1. Index
  2. Specifications & Pricing
  3. Package & Layout Flyover
  4. I'll Take Cooling For A $1000 Alex
  5. Warning Flux Fumes: Voltage Mods & Read Points
  6. Blue Martini's: BIOS Screenshots
  7. Appetizer: FSB Clocking
  8. First Course: 2x1GB Memory Clocking
  9. First Course Continued: 2x2GB Memory Clocking
  10. Second Course Warmup: Single GTX 280 Action
  11. Main Course: GTX 260 SLI Entrée
  12. Dessert: The Best Part of Dinner
  13. After Dinner Coffee: Well...How Was Dinner?

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