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Alright... Now having some probs. Initial boot was yesterday morning... Everrything powered up fine but no post! No boot screen! I know it's not a graphic problem or anything related to the screen because i don't even see the mouse and keyboard getting power. So, it has to be something around the mobo, CPU, RAM and or PSU. Gonna try and see whats wrong today... That really kinda piss me off. Cuzz ill have to unplug everything off the mobo including the WB from the CPU, remove the mobo tray, mount the stock CPU cooler, use a second PSU etc.. ill have to go step by step and see what wrong and whats the component causing this prob. Arrrggg!

EDIT: Just put back everything on my desk with another PSU, only 1 GPU (X1900XTX) and with stock CPU cooler. And still no post! Tried to remove the ram stick 1 by 1 to see if one was dead (I had the same prob a few months back, comp not posting... and it was because of a dead stick...) but still nothing! F***!

After about 2 mins the CPU fan stops spinning ? WTHeck ? Like i said, i don't even see the lights of the mouse and keyboard lightining up. So, that means that it's not related to Graphic cards or monitor right ? Also, 5 sec after i booted up, the HDD seems to not be reading anymore. I can't ear the ''Crrrrr'' sound anymore.

So, that leave me 2 possible reasons why the comp isn't posting. Either the CPU is dead, maybe i crushed it...applying too much pressure on it with the FuZion ? Would the comp even boot if it would be the case ? Or the mobo has something somewhere not working... I did mounted a new (quite heavy) NB heatsink on it while i was working on my WC. Could i have crushed the NB core ? and would the comp even boot ?

Whats reallys sucks more is that im totaly clueless on what hardware is deffective... and sent my last E6400 a few days... So, i can't try with another CPU. As for the mobo... well i don't have any others...

What a pain in the ... If anybody can help me out finding what the heck is wrong here i'd apreciate a lot.

I might try to switch my X1900XTX for my X1950CF to see if anything comes up on the screen but i doubt it would chnage anything. If it really was a graphic card related problem, i would see the light of the mouse and keyboard powering up sometime after i booted, right ?

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