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last pc games i spent any time with were stalker and stalker:cs (pretty much my favorite games despite the bugs). was trying to get around to playing gothic3 but i ended up starting over a few times (once for a patch and once because i got a new mobo and forgot to back up my saves when i re-installed windows) and couldnt get in to it after playing the start over again for the third time...

aside from those games, i have been trying to get through a few recent 360 games like force unleashed (pretty good) and tales of vesperia (very good but way too cute for me)...i just picked up saints row 2 for the sake of coop but no one i know has it yet so i only had a quick look (no desire to play single player but coop looks like it will be phenomenal).

eagerly waiting to see fallout3, dead space, fable2 and farcry2.
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