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Well, my french isn't good but this former softwood lumber salesman thinks "epinette" is pine. And while it is easy to work, it's also very easy to dent or scratch because it is so soft. I have some pine chairs from IKEA that you can mark with your thumbnail.

It all depends on the finish or look you want. But if you want it to stand the test of time, fir would be about the softest lumber I'd use. A nice maple, cherry, or walnut hardwood (depending on color of finish wanted) would be great. Heck, you could do it out of a sheet of birch plywood with veneer tape covering the cut edges. Ideally, you're building it like a nice piece of furniture that you'll keep for years.

My $.02. I've been thinking about the same type of project myself. But I gotta finish my tech station first.

EDIT: Ooops, apparently, it's Spruce, not Pine, but they are from the same family of trees with the same characteristics to the wood.

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