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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Can we get a look at the backside now that you've re-routed the cables?

I was comparing the "clean backside" pic to the "reroute cables" image and trying to figure out where the PSU cables at the bottom/right were going.... I'm guessing the "clean backside" pic was taken before you cleaned up the cables?
Yes, good point. It was not forgotten about, and has been on my mind. I wanted to finish the cables first though, because that big wad of spares is still loose under the HD area. Plus, there will be extra wiring for the CC lights and fan controller -- the reason I will prolly have to pull the mobo.

I was originally going to post a messy backside for in contrast to the clean frontside.

I'll get one today of where it is currently at. Keep in mind I still have no idea what I am going to do with more wires back there, it's a pretty loose mess right now and still, the side panel goes on without any resistance from buldging wires. Testiment to the outward flare in the side panel affording lots of room.

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