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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
Well Litho, I guess you got us all lol.. Thought you'd be in a hurry to get the setup up and running, I didn't know you were intentionally making it a rat's home lol..

But that looks neat, how low do those fans spin at anyway, just curious when you said lower rpm, I am also looking to dig this case, you're pics make me really go for this and dis the Cosmos S...

Great stuff Litho, oh and howdy
Hahahah, I was in a hurry, but that is besides the point! It's all good, a laugh now is as good as a laugh last weekend.

I was suprised, it really is harder than you'd think to make it look messy in that case. When I was first done, I was thinking, Hmmm, this doesn't look bad enough!

The front and top fans (230mm) are spinning at 650rpm and 750rpm. I think they are rated at 700rpm, I'd have to double check to be sure.

The back exhaust fan (140mm) spins at 1050rpm.

The CPU HSF is an Antec Tri-Cool at the medium speed, 1100rpm.

The side panel fan I am getting no rpm off the mobo header it is in. It'll be in range of the other two I am sure, but I'll try to remember to test it on another header and get back here with the result.

The vid card is currently an 8800GT that I was having temperature problems with in the TJ04 and P180 (no side panel fan). While racing, even if I left it idle in the lobby/pits, it would spike to 80C for a bit then BSOD. I sped the stock fan up to 60% in the NV control panel (auto is 30% and it would not budge higher at 80C), and temps would then run in the 60's and spike to 70C and never BSOD. The fan is has a horrible whine at anything over 50%, but at 60% seemed to be less annoying than a bit higher or lower.

(There appears to be a problem with the bump material used in the NV core's substrate, a very very large topic that I would go into here, and I think it affects my card. Regardless, the card runs fine into the 70s, but doesn't like hitting 80c.)

Tested last night with the fan at auto 30%, the HAF's side panel fan kept the card in the high 60s with one spike to 74C. It definately helps. Good for now. No, I will not be changing the stock cooling, it will just delay it from dying and add extra cost to a card I know I will be RMAing. I'm putting a 9800GTX in the HAF soon, and will put the 8800GT back in a system with no side panel, and will beat the crap out of it till it dies.

The air coming out of the exhausts seems about average for say a 1200rpm 120mm fan. But since the area of the exit grating is so much bigger, I am sure the CFM is off the charts. The sweet thing is it is very quiet. My eVGA 680i stock north bridge fan is the noisiest thing in the case, and the only thing you can really hear even when set to 40% speed. The only noise you hear is air, these big fans themselves are making no sound at all.

I admit I am impressed. I sort of wanted a fan controller though, and may still use one for the CPU fan, and then add another intake fan in the remaining drive bays, one more on the bottom of the case by the psu, and can fit the fourth controller to a 120mm that will still fit up top in front of the 230mm blowhole. I am sure I don't need more fans, but what else to do with a 4 port controller? Plus, I want more red LED in the front. I have a red CC tube to add, and maybe will try using the fan controller to adjust the brightness. Will see...

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