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My System Specs


Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
They aren't that bad
Man, believe me, I spoke alot with unclewebb (RealTemp developer) and from his experience and others it looks like on 45 nm DTS readings are good above 60C and almost very good near to TJMax when thermal throttling should kick in. In idle they are way off.
Originally Posted by unclewebb
These sensors weren't designed to accurately report core temperatures. Intel designed them to trigger thermal throttling and thermal shut down. There is a small amount of error where Intel calibrates them near TjMax and they can be off by 10C or more at idle even when they aren't sticking.
And that's why I like RealTemp over CoreTemp
Originally Posted by unclewebb
A lot of users think that using the correct TjMax is automatically going to give them accurate temperatures but that idea is wrong. There is so much error in most 45nm sensors, both at idle and even at the calibration point near TjMax, that you need to do some sort of user calibration to have any hope of reasonably accurate temperatures and unfortunately, that's the best you can hope for.

Intel hasn't released enough information about these sensors for any software developer to translate the data coming from the on chip sensors into 100% accurate core temperatures. The 45nm sensors simply aren't good enough for that. Having said that, I still think that a RealTemp type calibration is better than nothing and will result in some reasonably accurate reported core temperatures.
I have my example a couple of minutes ago. 23.75C room temperature.

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So anyone believe that an E8400 C0 in idle at 1586 MHz and 0.944V Vcore (5W power draw) cooled by Ninja fanless+ TR Bolt Thru and kept in an Antec P182 with Noctua exhaust and Scythe Kama PWM intake can have 40C on cores?
For me the only thing that matter is distance to TJMax. As you see in both cases is the same 58, so I try to keep it >20-30 in full-load and nothing else matter.

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