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My System Specs


Originally Posted by robscix View Post
Hey guys, I have been a around for awhile and notice a few guys were asking about gaming cards and or which card to by. Here are the specs for the Auzetech Prelude card. This card is different from normal X-fi's in alot of ways. It uses alot better components for the output section ecodes Dolby Digital on the fly so you can play games in full 5,1 over a digital conection. I should also mention there will be a HDMI board coming for this card aswell that will boast Dolby Digital-HD and DTS -HD. This card will easily sound better then the Best X-fi to date. I am personallynot that much of a gamer and I own a X-Meridian but I am interested in this card for sure. Seems to be the first card that truly does have it all..

Key Components
Creative X-Fi CA20K Audio Processor
One AKM AK-5394 super high performance 192kHz 24-bit ADC for analog input
Four AKM AK-4396 192kHz 24-bit advanced multi-bit DAC for analog output
64Mbytes of memory for audio processing
High fidelity audio OP-Amps for analog input and output
Front L/R output OP-Amp is replaceable by end-user
Dual mode SPDIF receiver and transmitter

IO Connectors
One 3.5mm MIC input connector in rear panel
One 3.5mm line input connector in rear panel
One 4-pin AUX connector on board
Four 3.5mm 8 channel line output connectors in rear panel
One S/PDIF combo input connector in rear panel for receiving either coaxial
or optical digital
One S/PDIF combo output connector in rear panel for transmitting either
coaxial or optical digital
16-bit to 24-bit recording sampling rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 24, 32,
44.1, 48 and 96kHz
One 10-pin front panel connector on board for MIC input and headphone support
One 40-pin digital extension header on board to support AD-Link and other
digital functionality

Technical Specifications
24-bit Analog-to-Digital conversion of analog inputs at 96kHz sample rate
24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of digital sources at 96kHz to analog
7.1 channel speaker output
24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of stereo digital sources at 192kHz to
stereo output
16-bit to 24-bit recording sampling rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 24, 32,
44.1, 48 and 96kHz
ASIO 2.0 support at 16-bit/44.1kHz, 16-bit/48kHz, 24-bit/44.1kHz
24-bit/48kHz and 24-bit/96kHz with direct monitoring.
Enhanced SoundFont support of up to 24-bit resolution
64MB of X-RAM
Yeah, I am eagerly awaiting a review on this card, that X-fi I picked was a joke.

I hope to god it doesn't have the snap, crackle and pop issues that plagues the X-Fi

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