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Originally Posted by sloth View Post
Core 0 51
Core 1 52

Are these normal? The thing that concerns me most is the flame icon next to the core temps (flames are bad for computers right?).
yes flames are bad... Normal to see the flame under load, but you should never see it while idle. Something has gone wrong here... Even a stock heatsink should not be running temps that high. These temps are not normal! Did you mount it yourself? If so, did you follow a guide? Personally I wouldn't use a stock heatsink anyways, you should get a good heatsink and re-do it.

reasons I would think your getting high temps:

1) Your using pushpins with your heatsink and they are not pushed in all the way
2) the TIM was applied improperly... or not at all....
3) The fan isn't running...
4) bad overclocking...?

ps: stop using the computer if your running temps under load over 70!! 88 is not good at all!!!!
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