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Default CPU temps vs Core temps

Hi, I just got my first rig up and running. It is all running pretty smoothly except I have some questions about CPU temps.

I'm currently running an e8400 with the stock heatsink and for now the side panel of my silentium T3 case is off. The readings are as follows when idling (all in celsius):

System 29
CPU 35
AUX 29
HD 45 (My case has a weird muffler system which essentially encases it in foam with a heatsink on the side, I think I might do away with it and put it in a regular bay)
Core 0 51
Core 1 52

Are these normal? The thing that concerns me most is the flame icon next to the core temps (flames are bad for computers right?).

Other things that bother me are that once, when I left for a couple hours when formatting the drive for the first time, I came back and it said there was an error saying the processor overheated, press f1 to continue.

Also, when I had some colour calibration process running which made both precessors go at 50%, the CPU temp went to 88. (I uninstalled it and now I have these more normal readings, but it concerns me that a 50% load would send my CPU temp to 88.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, I'm kind of new to DIY computing?

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