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My System Specs


Originally Posted by kruzn4evr View Post
...You had me lol'ing...scared hell out my cat ....not out to crush anyone tho, I'm just tryin' to get my money's worth outta this rig!! yes, it is evil but in a good way, I'm also going to get my backup rig folding hopefully by next and then the wifes just to see how many points they all can pull in.

I've had the SMP running but not with both cards, want to keep an eye on my temps for bit, I'll prolly try it though sooner or
You won't be able to get SMP running with ' Both Cards ' as its a CPU client not a GPU client.

To get Fahmon to work under Vista 64
make sure UAC is disabled
run the installer
make sure to change the install directory to C:\Fahmon\ not C:\programfilesx86...
allow it to place a shortcut in the start menu

right click on fahmon shortcut in the start menu and select 'run as administrator'
allow it to update
when it opens right click in the open pane click add new client
name new client
for GPU client browse to C:\username\appdata\roaming\ and select the F@H folder.
right click on the GPU client line in Fahmon and select 'reload this client'
if you have multiple GPU clients repeat for each one

hope this helps
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