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Hi! Sorry, been busy.

To give you an update, I got the card through NCIX. On the forum, one of the mods told me (for everybody to see) that EVGA reps. told them that some cards of that shipment would be "special"...I got one of the special ones I guess...

It has the same specs as the EVGA "Superclocked" 8800 GTS 640MB. Anyway, the serial numbers on my card and on the box ARE MATCHING and refer to the "standard" version of the card!!!

Ouf! And they sell that Superclocked for quite a bit more money...anyway good deal.

I got rid of the FAR CRY issue (artifacts) by updating the driver to 158.22 and also update the game to latest version. So at least I can now enjoy the card a bit. Now, the Quake4 issue is still pending! It seams to be a know issue, although I didn't get rid of the issue.

Problems with Dual-core processors in this game? Microsoft has a HOTFIX on that, I different. There is 7800 GS runs through this no prob on my A64 3400+...but on my new C2D love...

Quake is updated to the latest version available, I patched the HOTFIX..
Now there is somepeople suggesting a registry hack to disable dual-core support...sounds crapy, Quake has a dual-core setting in the advanced settings for crying out loud!

At least ,with Far cry running I don't feel that I got a DUD card anymore...
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