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Thanks for the advice all!

I took your suggestions and switched to the Corsair 750W PS and the WD Caviar 640G drive - even tho it's 16MB cache instead of the Seagates 32MB, reviews seemed to indicate it being quite quiet, which is a big plus for me.

I also decided to go for a 280 GTX since the Canuck's Price Compare got me an EVGA board for $399, which wasn't that much more than the Core 216. I was contemplating the 9800 GX2 as suggested, but like the idea of being able to SLI with a 2nd 280 GTX when I nab a Nehelem next year. Also, I did some more research and it looks like even a 280 may be struggling to get decent frame rates at 2550x1600.

I also split the difference on memory and ended up with 2x2g of Mushkin Redline PC8000 DDR2. This was based purely on what looked like it could ship right now - I was a bit nervous about that since I haven't spent any time researching RAM, but I noticed a couple of you guys had Mushkin in your profiles, so what the heck.

I got it all through, which also made me happy since NCIX kind of left a bad taste in my mouth over a recent transaction. Hopefully Hardware Canucks gets some sort of recognition for me hitting the site thru the Price Compare feature.

Total bill came to slightly less than $1700 with taxes/free shipping, and I have a chance at $60 or so in mail-in rebates :P This is my first time ordering through DirectCanada - they seemed to have pretty good prices on everything, and I like not having to try and get em to price match. I may give em a call tomorrow and make sure that everything is, in fact, in stock and ready to ship, since I seem to recall the FT01 cases being pretty new and harder to come by.

About the CPU cooling you guys mentioned - anyone have suggestions? I don't mind a bit of noise when under heavy load, but would like something that is pretty quiet when just web browsing etc. Would passive cooling be better or something with a large PWM fan? I have time to research and think about this since I have no intention to overclock anytime soon.

Anyway, thanks again for all the advice guys!
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