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Default Operation HAF Baked! Cooler Master HAF 932

Panic in a Cooler Master HAF 932!

I had pulled the system out of it's previous case this last long weekend. The plan was to leisurely assemble in the HAF over the three days, adding some extra red lighting and sleeve all the fan tails and FP wires.

Saturday morn, I suddenly needed into my work records and email, so I set about just getting it booted as quick as possible.

Actually, chuckling while I worked, I spent extra time getting the wiring as messy as I could. I figured a few more minutes wouldn't hurt, and it would be funny to post pics of a rats nest mess.

That sort of backfired. I think no one got the joke. It's damn hard to make this HAF look a mess, no matter how much I tangled the wires. I think people just figured it looked normal! Hmmm, one guy did say I could clean it up a bit...

Might have looked worse if I had the FP wires hanging in there... forgot about that...

Anyways, the first pics are an intentional mess. The system went in very easily and quickly, it was actually harder to get it out of the old P180 (had to remove fans to get at the EPS connection, etc etc). Later on, I rewired it and again it took very little time even though at this point I was in no hurry.

Still have some red cold cathode and LED fan to add, as well as a red LED laser I am sure I have here somewhere. Then sleeve all the fan tails and FP wires, rerouting some under the mobo. A 120mm intake fan in 3x of the drive bays was planned, but seriously only needed for the red LED -- more airflow is rediculous at this point!

I had a fan controller for this too, but find I don't need it. The HAF case fans at full speed are as quiet as my P180 is with the fans at low speed. Also, they spin at such a low RPM that I wouldn't want to slow them down farther. It runs very quiet indeed.

LED lights on:

Back side clean & tidy:

Reroute cables:

Beside the P180 for size comparrison:

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