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My System Specs


I haven't even looked into that myself kruzn, I just look at the link for HWC team and see myself on it heh. I just look at the 24hr average to see what my ppd is. Your sitting at about 1,526 per 24hr and I'm way off that at 975. My god man your rigs a beast! wait till you get all your cores working and your 2nd 280 and I'm sure you'll be one of the top producers on a single machine. I suspect some of the others have folding farms in thier basement or at work so it'll be hard to overtake those ppl but I'm going to get my brother to set it up on his computer and my nefew on his PS3 under my name bwahahaha.

My ppd should go up a bit more once I stop shutting down my comp and fiddling about with my video card bios and then stress testing my VPU with hours upon hours of Crysis Wars fun.

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