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Default Far Cry 2, one week.

This game was on my list but it has been getting more and more of my attention lately. I figured it for a decent sequel to far cry, sounds like they are really going for it. I hope it's not all pre launch hype, but the things I've been hearing so far are very promising. One review out already, gave it a 94%. PCGamer UK:

"The basis of Far Cry 2's story telling: Characters and situations are swapped via a software author, its responding to choices made by you the player. Its something that's been on the cards for some time - mostly in research projects - but this is the first high-profile game to use it.
Its nothing less than a revelation. What makes this procedural storytelling cool isn't that you get to play the game lots of times, and see new things happen, or do things in new ways, Its not even that it gives you stories to share, situations to compare with your friends. Its that the game just works and responds to your successes, failures and fuckups.
If you don't like what a guy is asking you to do, then don't do it... If you really like one of your buddies, you stick with him. When the situations force choices on you... By God, its incredible"

Have a look at the mp map editor it ships with:
Far Cry 2 Map Editor Gone Wild - PC News at GameSpot
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