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I've been looking at your proposed build & have a few comments, having an HTPC myself.

1) Instead of the HD3650 listed I would seriously consider the newer HD4550 unless of course you already have the 3650 in hand. These newer cards now support 8 Channel LPCM over HDMI which the 3xxx series did not.

2) Much has been said about how much power supply is needed without looking at the Quality of the unit first . Given the specs of your proposed system a quality 300W PS would do great. Anandtech has an excellent article, and a Must Read Imho, on how much power supply do you really need. AnandTech: Debunking Power Supply Myths
Lots of "Myths" are debunked in this article and it mirrors my own experiences with my systems including my HTPC.

I do not believe that a quality 300W supply will run anywhere close to its max specs given your proposed component list, in particular given the systems' intended use & since you are not overclocking.

From the article all figures taken at load: Chipset P35(37W) + CPU E4500(36W) + HD3650(32W) + Misc(50W) = 155W (Full Load!)

I have been very generous overestimating the Misc power requirements (Includes Hard Drive, optical drives, ect.) which would probably never reach even close to 50W at any load. In everyday use you systems load averages will be much lower than the full load figures I've listed above.

An interesting observation is that most 300-400w PS's don't even reach thier max efficiency untill the 125-200W range.

Here are my HTPC specs for comparison:

Asus P5L-MX Motherboard (S775)
Intel E4300 Oc'd to 3ghz
2gig Adata DDR2 800Mhz
HIS HD3450 (ATI) Video Card
Samsung F1 750gig Hard Drive
Inwin Mt. Jade Micro ATX Case with 300W PS

I have no issues whatsoever with this setup.

Enjoy your HTPC
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