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My X-Meridian works perfect in Vista. Might aswell use a onboard?
Have you ever heard a X-Meridian? They are quite hard to beat in there price range. For straight head to head test for music and movies the X-Meridian eats X-fi's..yes all of them. You can say the X-fi is better for gaming only becasue of EAX/OpenAL. Not eveybody uses these when gaming.

I think a few guys are misinformed as to EAX under Vista. It isn't gone.
Before we had the Direct sound API to render EAX. Vista does not have the Directsound API. If companies want in game effects they have to go with OpenAL as a API but they can still use that to render EAX effects. I hope I am explaining it right and it make sense. If your a gamer you are probably better of getting a X-fi or perhaps the new Prelude card from Auzentech.
The new card will have the gaming features of the X-fi line up with the phenominal sound quality of the X-Meridian. The X-Meridians are not for everybody because they are pricy and not really meant for gaming but you can game with them
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