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It was brand spanking new. I just pulled it out of it's package on Sunday. I am extremely carefull with procs, never touched the side with the leads. It came out of the package and directly into it's slot on the mobo.

The fact that it ran Ubuntu is what stumped me in the end. I figured if it worked for that it must be good.

After trying everything I had just up to the BIOS flashes I thought OK what is still different about this PC from when I first installed Windows? Only 2 things, the BIOS and the proc. So, figuring the proc works with Ubuntu, it must be good, I'll try the BIOS and if that don't work I'll break the computers down and swap procs. Even though that didn't make sense to me I was going to try.

I don't know on a low level like that how Ubuntu is different than Windows. Since the error message was making me think of a memory problem I was wondering if it could be a cache problem, but as I said I'm still pretty newb.

I've sent in an RMA request at NCIX, hope it goes well.

I've been looking at P45 Mobo's and think I have it narrowed down to 3 to choose from. The Asus P5Q Pro, P5Q E, and Gigabyte's new EP45-UD3P. I know a lot of people recommend the ASUS boards but Googling both seems to bring up a lot of people having issues and RMA's until they get a good one. I know every product has some bad eggs but it seems bigger than what I've seen usually. The Giga board is brand new so people haven't had a chance to report problems yet but it looks (specs wise) very promising.
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