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Chimp Challenge 2010 Begins May 5th, 12pm PDT
All times are in PDT (UTC - 7 hours).


Team Stats

Finished Teams

Rank Average PPD* Finished by Total Days
EVGApes 1 6,714,826.3 May 8, 12pm 3.0 days
OCNChimpin 2 5,026,917.0 May 9, 12pm 4.0 days
T32monkeys 3 2,349,400.3 May 14, 6am 8.75 days
TSCh!mp 4 2,117,589.2 May 15, 12am 9.5 days
Beavers_Gone_Bananas 5 2,011,215.3 May 15, 12pm 10.0 days

* Calculations were done from the start of contest until the earliest finished time recorded by our 3-hourly updates.

Running Teams

Rank Total Points Last 24hrs. Est. Time
CustomBitChimps 6 67,409,214 4,880,718 DONE!
maximum_monkey 7 56,148,454 2,324,596 DONE!
ChimPowerUp 8 48,446,376 3,683,105 DONE!
Monkey_Bollocks 9 41,465,060 1,490,821 DONE!

Last updated on May 15, 2011 at 12pm PDT.

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How often do the stats get updated?
We update the stats directly from Stanford's website every 3 hours starting at 12am PDT. So our update times in PDT (and similarly in CET) are 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm.

Why not do hourly updates?
The Stanford's Folding@home Stats page only limits up to 10 downloads per day, so we chose to do updates every 3 hours.

Why the discrepancies with EOC stats' numbers?
EOC is updating on a CDT (Central time) schedule, while we are updating on a PDT (Pacific time) schedule. This means that OEC stats are 2 hours behind, or 1 hour ahead depending on when you look.

What happened to the 6am stats on May 7-8, 2010?
Stanford was a bit late at getting the stats out. So by the time we updated our download failed and we got no new data. We pushed back our 6am update schedule to 6:30am to prevent this from happening again. The other schedules remain unchanged.

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